Window installation for Dagmar Rousset, Melbourne, June 2013.

Textile art works and jewellery. Influences for the pieces came from night sky fireworks displays, celestial forms and textile wall hangings made by Andrea's mother in the 70's.

Hand dyed Organic Cotton/Hemp, embellished and embroidered with second hand yarn remnants.
Along with Memphis inspired patterned jewellery works made from timber offcuts.
Photo from Dagmar Rousset

Photo from Dagmar Rousset

Photo from The Design Files

Photo from The Design Files

 'Inner Child'

Window installation Pieces of Eight, Melbourne, September 2012.

Playful timber works. Swings and swinging planter boxes made for Melbourne Gallery Pieces of Eight window.

Photo from Pieces of Eight

Photo from Pieces of Eight

'Small, Smaller, Smallest'

Window installation for Craft Victoria, Melbourne February 2012.

An exploration of reclaimed timber uses with the off-cuts of one project leading on to the next. Jewellery hanger off-cuts become flower vessels. Flower vessel off-cuts become necklace beads, and so forth.

Photos from Craft

 'Functional Artworks and Jewellery Hangers'

2011- Present 

Made utilising furniture manufacturing offcuts and discarded paint sample chips these pieces are intended to hang and shelf jewellery and small objects, or just be a stand alone wall artwork. Each hanger is a complete one off and features just one of or a combination of collage, wood burning and painting techniques.


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