Friday, December 10, 2010

my new working digs!

So, the studio that was meant to be finished months ago (drawn out by all of the rain) is finally finished and thankfully, I now have no more excuses not to be working! Tilly likes it too :)


  1. Hi Andrea, how's it all going? I like your new studio. Been getting lots of comments on the business cards and encouraging folks to look you up. I'm now selling worms at the Bendigo Farmer's Market. Come down if you want a few more and I'll hook you up, gratis! It's on tomorrow.
    Cheers, Sam

  2. Hi Sam! It goes slowly, haha. I'm finally set up though, which is great. I'm glad people like your cards. Yes, send them my way, just realised I might not be that 'findable' yet though.
    How are your little wormies and business going? Mine are munching away ok, i think! I'll try and come see you next market :)