Friday, April 8, 2011


I've been looking through my books for inspiration today and came across an absolute treasure which my lovely man bought me for my birthday last year (even though I know he would have balked at the price). One of favourite fashion labels Eley Kishimoto collaborated with werk magazine to produce a limited edition publication about their label and lives together. Raw edged swatches, images of prints as works in progress, personal snaps of holidays or the mundane and lots of pop. Happy 20 minutes spent looking through WERK today.


  1. oh my god! you actually own this book?
    Where on earth did Dunc get it from?
    I've been looking/pining for this...... such excellent taste you have!

  2. he got it from their web-shop when they released it. i think it was a pretty limited run, and pricey but i love it. when i see you next you'll have to have a good look :)