Monday, July 25, 2011

Post DMT Organising

The paintchip pattern backdrop to our little curated collaboration table.

My macrame hangers with Leah's lovely little hand pinched porcelain vessels.

Mine and Leah's shared inspiration wall for the week.

Leah Jackson ceramics extraordinaire, and top macrame student.

Emily Green working away in her pretty little open studio.

Matt Thomson looking pooped after making a pretty impressive
number of bags over four days.

What a week! I went down to Melbourne last Tuesday night to set up my Open Studio space, which I shared with Leah Jackson, Emily Green and Matt Thomson. We all stock through Craft Victoria, who I can't speak highly enough of for organising this part of the event for us.
Leah's ceramics looked so beautiful with my macrame pieces they didn't want to be seperated come studio de-construct time and we have decided we need to take our collaboration outside of the Open Studio into the big wide world, which we will keep you posted on in the future.
It was great to be met with so many lovely compliments of our work by other design folk and the public.
I have been motivated to get my little label moving, and have set up a big cartel shop, and a facebook page. Not much happening yet, but my macrame and jewellery hangers will be up very soon!

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