Monday, December 5, 2011

Charley and my new necklace

Today I received a delicious smelling parcel from Belinda of Alchemy containing this beautiful agate geode necklace and some essential oil balms to invigorate me through the many hours of work and play I am at present enduring! I am going to be wearing this necklace all summer long. I also wanted to share a snippet of my Charley Harper tattoo as apparently Belinda has one too!


  1. Charley! What a hard spot to photograph. The colours are beautiful. I promise that I will share my Charley Harper tattoo soon as well.

    The necklace looks great with that tshirt. I'm glad you are enjoying it and the creams!

  2. It is a tricky spot to photograph! I don't have any of it's entirety yet, I need to get Dunc to take one for me. It's only a year old, so the colours are still looking pretty good, doesn't last forever. Your necklace works with lots of colours!