Monday, January 30, 2012

Daylesford. Beach. Sun. Friends. Fun. Tofu

I just had the loveliest weekend with my besties. We went surfing in ocean grove on Saturday, the waves were 2.5-3ft which is just how I like them before coming back to Daylesford. The sun was out all weekend, we ate lots of yummy food, did Sunday morning yoga and swam in the lake and had lots of good conversation. Summer is the best. Oh, and we tried out our new tent (a bigger heavier version than my teeny 2 man hiking number) and Tilly (our jack-russell) gave it the OK.


  1. Aww hullo Tilly! What a lovely sounding weekend.

    Are you camping on someone's nature strip? And now I see what you mean by that comment you made on my 'powered by tofu' picture!

  2. Yep, camping on the nature strip, full house. A little scary with the odd hoon (didn't really think about it beforehand!). Next time you are in Daylesford you have to go swimming in the lake, it's lovely and there are lots of jetty's to jump off.

  3. I've never been in the lake. I will definitely do it next time. We were thinking about coming through Daylesford on our way back from RSF but I decided to leave a day earlier than everyone else. It just got a bit much - and I was dying for a shower.