Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yuki Time

Booties off for morning coffee stop.

Inside Cortina hotel post onsen.

Agedashi Tofu= my fav

Hiking around with my favourite lady in seek of fresh tracks.


Snow Mascots

Mr X head

Bound wire thread stand window- Harajuku somewhere...

Plant life merchandising out front of stores. Love

It was a last minute decision to go to Japan for 10 days and of course, it was as always, amazing. I really must visit in Spring/ Summer as it must be stunning but I just love the snow so much. Nice to be a home, feeling fresh and inspired to start some new works. Better hop to it!


  1. Oh how wonderful!! Love the photos and so excited for you to be in Japan. I've wanted to go there for ages. Have fun :) Kx

  2. It was so lovely Kylie, short but sweet. Oh, so sweet. You really must try and get over there. Probably in the spring time unless you are a snow junky like me :)

  3. I've been by Cortina on our visits but never stayed there. So nice to see a pic from inside! Bet you had a great time!

  4. We didn't stay there either (just caught the bus most days)as Cortina had an amazing daily pass coupon. Y3500 for lift pass, lunch and onsen. Best $40 ever spent! I met so many queenslanders whilst in Hakuba, you guys love it!