Friday, March 23, 2012

Patch Scarf

So, all that talk in my last post about doing some new prints just for fun didn't really happen although I did do some drawing with some nice results (and can use these somewhere down the line for a print or two). I have instead been sorting and completing my new workshop which I renovated with some of the Art Start grant I received (thanks Australia Council!).

I also bought a few new tools including a jigsaw and pyrography machine (not sure on the spelling of that one!) and am super excited to start making more timber pieces using some new techniques. My jewellery hangers are set to evolve....

But, I've been sewing. My heart out! And have been making tube scarves from second hand fabrics I have been sourcing (and painstakingly washing) for many, many months. The photos above show my new creation, the 'Patch Scarf'. It's made to be wrapped three times in a tubular fashion and is very fun and colourful. Endless combos to come!! They will debut at the Melbourne Finders Keepers in April (20th & 21st), please come and say hello.

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