Monday, March 26, 2012

Workshop :)

I have a fully renovated work shop! I am so thankful and excited it's all finished. I also have a new pyrography machine/ cork burning wand thingy and it's a lot of fun. I think my days of cutting up and collage'ing paint chips may soon be phased out by burnished wood patterns.

Above are some pictures of my play hour this afternoon, which I decided was needed after a slightly frustrating day of varying hiccups. Duncan made my awesome work bench, and he also did the duck sampler from the pyrography booklet. Quack!


  1. love the new workshop space! the burner wand looks like a lot of fun too... oh boy i wonder what you are going to get up to with these two new things in your day!!

  2. So happy with my newly updated workspace, it's going to be workable in winter this year! The wand is great. Very 70's but I think that is ok :)