Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Pad

I took some snaps of our house for someone and thought I'd share them here. 
It's looking very lived in today. 

Our awesome Jenny Kee pillows. I found a whole doona/ pillow set in a Bendigo op-shop.
A hallway.
The redgum table Duncan built. It's so beautiful.
The first jewellery hanger  I made (overloaded).
The back room, where the magic happens.
The lounge room, where today the magic is happening (whilst watching stuff).
Off-cut central.


  1. You've got a powepoint instead of a fireplace!

    Love that wall hanging above your bed.

  2. haha, i know! what were they thinking? it's a piece of marimekko fabric above our bed, such a great print

  3. So many fabulous interesting things in your home. I love that dining table and the wall hangings... and all of it really! Thanks for sharing this. Kx

  4. Love the dining table! Can't believe Duncan made that! You are so creative! Go, Dre!