Monday, July 30, 2012

Santosha. Contentment.

I'm not quite sure where to start this post. I've just returned from up north where I've been for a month doing my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. There were many mornings of group asana, and self practice along with many, many amazing classes covering breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques, anatomy, sequencing, philosophy and ayurveda. To say it was an amazing or a great experience doesn't quite say enough. Profoundly life changing perhaps!

There was much self discovery, which was both confronting and humbling. I learnt about how I view the world and others and how my mind is a tool that can be used when needed or quietened and put to rest.

As I sit here, in the same spot I was in a month ago I feel a little wiser. I now have a little toolkit of knowledge to deal with the daily stress of running my creative business and life in general. I feel so refreshed and inspired by what I have learnt and by what I still have to learn. 

This course was just the beginning of what I now know will be a lifetime of self study and practice. I plan to volunteer some of my new skills in places of need to give myself a little break from Stampel here and there. I love it, but know I need to lead a more balanced life, not just making, internetting and exercising! I'm sure I'm not alone in needing to take some time out. Even if it's just 5 minutes to close your eyes and breath :)

Shoes came off soon after arrival.
Our beautifully decorated Kund at our graduation ceremony.
Bluebottle debris washed in from a stormy sea.

Driftwood hangers in Byron Bay.
Thanks for the wisdom :)
My little Mala.
Our coloured in Yantra. Om Shiva!
The inspired doodle that eventuated on my book of  notes.
The little red fish I borrowed to go surfing off Angela.
Sunrise at Lennox Head. On our day off we went for more yoga at the surf club.
My beautiful cabin buddy Shizuka. I miss this girl already and can't wait to visit her in beautiful Hokkaido (like I need another excuse to go to Japan!).
Sequencing homework.
The sun came out for our graduation ceremony.
Graduation Cake. What a fitting masterpiece.

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